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Royal Wood Meadows started in 1998. My great-uncle passed away leaving me with his love for horses, a well bred mare named Daleena and his precious regional champion stallion Ark Oshun. That same year we also aquired our foundation mare, RW Fantasia.

RWM is a family run operation consisting of myself, my husband Steve and our daughter Alasia. I have trained and shown in everything from western, dressage, jumping and gymkhana. For the past 15 years I have focused on the english disiplines (dressage being my passion) but just recently gained my interest back in western.

We pride ourselves on offering good minded quality horses for both pleasure and show. We are not a huge production farm and only breed when we have found a perfect match.

On top of breeding quality athletes we are also proud to say that we do what we can to help those horses in need. When space and time are available we do go to local auctions and rescue horses who are bound for slaughter. We have come across beautiful, well trained, loving QUALITY horses who have come from owners who have no care about their well being. They have come to us in terrible condition. One mare needed corrective shoeing for 18 months to repair a crack (I don't think she'd seen a farrier in years). The greatest thing about a rescue horse is watching them blossom into the creature they are supposed to be. Gaining their trust and rehabilitating them is a blessing. However great that is, the greatest thrill is when they move on to new homes, with owners who are excited to have them and you know that horse will never have to worry again.
I want to stress that I do not encourage young or inexperienced horse owners to get a horse directly from an auction.