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(Merahj X PF Nightshadow)

"Starr" over 3'6
Rhalynne MacKenzie up

Fantasia aka Starr came to Royal Wood Meadows in 1999.  She became my "rock" by starting the farm and keeping it going, as well as helping me threw hard times, she has become a huge part of my family.  Starr has produced some amazing babies, she has been bred to a variety of stallions and consistantly throws great results.  She has been bred to some of the finest sons of *Padron, Magic Dream, GH Venture and Jem Mar Khemoshun.


Starr didn't begin training under saddle until her last foal was weaned in '05 (age 9) within a few months she was entered into her first show and won 1st out of 18 horses in the hunter under saddle class.  Starr began training as a jumper and showed great promise to be our next big star, however, our young daughter took to Starr and is now learning to ride on her. 

Alasia starting over poles on Starr